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FLDS Needs

  Help. As you may know, the FLDS are being evicted from Short Creek. Regardless of WHY they are being evicted, evictions are traumatic. There are no support services for them during this transition, but there are many things that the outside world can do to help them, even if it is just sending little travel bags for children with a small pillow, blanket & hygiene items. Jump ropes, hackey… Read More

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FLDS & Food Memories

. Playing restaurant! This culture is like going back in time Making applesauce Trying to make applesauce like the big boys Family canning day – plus one water balloon, uh oh!   Cherries for future pies! Snitching her own bowl of strawberries to eat   Homemade pumpkin pie, of course   He’s trying to help… but sometimes it’s the thought that counts, lol Remember pressure cookers? I almost forgot they… Read More

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DMV Delight

That’s right, these chairs above represent how busy it was when I walked into the St. George DMV. Compare to Las Vegas DMV below. And that’s just one section! To all my friends from Las Vegas who have to waste an entire day or two trying to get something done at the DMV: my wait time was maybe – 39 seconds? Go ahead and be jealous! Not only was it NOT… Read More


Renovating the FMJ Zoo!

The FMJ Zoo is a 12-acre parcel that was turned into a small zoo by one of the Crick’s most beloved people, “Uncle Fred Jessop.” From what I understand, Uncle Fred loved children and created the zoo to bring enjoyment to the little ones growing up here. It used to have bears, a giraffe I think, and more. At some point,Uncle Fred died and the zoo was forced to close. Today… Read More