Help. As you may know, the FLDS are being evicted from Short Creek. Regardless of WHY they are being evicted, evictions are traumatic. There are no support services for them during this transition, but there are many things that the outside world can do to help them, even if it is just sending little travel bags for children with a small pillow, blanket & hygiene items. Jump ropes, hackey sacks, journals, sketchbooks, activity pads can be therapeutic for children too. For mothers, stress reduction care packages would be greatly appreciated, maybe with essential oils, herb tea, healthy treats or items for self-care? Journals for mothers too – even just notebooks would be nice.

Can you help locate short term or long term housing? Large homes preferred. Also needed – moving supplies, moving trucks, containers, and even household items because families have to split up – and only one of the mothers will get the kitchenware, the appliances, the vehicle, the beds. (I sat down with a group of FLDS ladies and compiled their needs & suggestions on a Needs Form.) Twin beds, bunk beds, mattresses, bedding and pillows repeatedly appear on the list. Do you have any new pillows & pillow cases to spare?

Are there any Art Therapists willing to come to the crick? This is a heart-breaking, stressful time as children say good bye to their siblings and other mothers, as lifelong best friends say emotional farewells, and as the only community they have ever known is deconstructed. Whether you believe it was caused by their leaders or by the state, it is still a humanitarian crisis. Let’s stop judging and start helping. This is REAL. The overwhelming gratitude I have seen from the little help I have personally been able to give so far has touched my soul deeply. Please private message me if you or your group want to help in any way at all. Items can be sent to P.O. Box 840848 Hildale, Utah 84784.

Also – please know that the former FLDS friends and family members would love to help them, but the FLDS won’t accept help from them due to the religious belief in shunning those who left.  The best we can do is be stand-ins for their loved ones.

Below is a form that they fill out



Name_________________________________________    Phone____________________


No. in Family _____ Are You Employed? _____ Approx. Income/Month _____________



Moving & Housing

___Short term housing                        ___Long term housing

___Moving trucks                               ___Moving supplies

___Containers                                     ___Trailers or tents to stay in until housing is located

­___Manpower to help with move        ___________________________________________


Household Needs

___Motion sensor lights                     ___Dishes/cookware               ___Silverware/Utensils

­___Generator to use                            ___Beds/Bedding                    ___Bathroom Supplies

___Furniture & Appliances (Describe most critical needs) ______________________________




___School Supplies (Describe) ___________________________________________________


Stress Support

___Journals                                         ___Jump ropes/large balls (for children)

___Art supplies for art therapy            ___Therapy animals

___Musical instruments for children

___Gardening supplies for garden therapy

___Care packages for stress reduction w/ essential oils


___Internet Help

___Financial Help (Describe most critical needs) ____________________________________




Basic Needs

___Food (Notes?) ______________________________________________________________


___Boys clothes (sizes) __________________________________________________________


___Fabric for dresses (Preferred type & color) ________________________________________

___Hygiene supplies                           ___Dry goods                         ___Laundry supplies

___Hair supplies                                 ___Gas Cards                         ___Cleaning products






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