Safety in the Storm

Ever since the tragic flood of 2015 (read about it HERE), this community is very sensitive whenever there is a flood warning, or when it floods. Tolga and I were out walking – taking photos – early in the morning when the rain started. Within an hour, the rains had created a raging flood that was so powerful, we worried it was going to wash a walkway bridge away. We were awestruck by its force, dragging strong, heavy trees like they were feather-light twigs. As soon as the rain stopped, the city trucks were out removing the wash over the streets. Although we thought it would take a month to do the cleanup, the streets were clear and drive-able by that afternoon. The sun came out, some flowers survived and the chickens bawked in the underbrush like nothing extraordinary happened. We gave words of encouragement to a fearless snail, then we walked home in utter amazement, and thankful everyone in the community stayed safe.

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