Practicing their song in the car!

FLDS children in the springtime.


This is me participating in what the FLDS call “Hundreds Day.”  I had never heard of this before, but what a fun day filled with math activities!







One thought on “Springtime in the Crick

  1. Thank you for posting this special glimpse into family life! I am praying about the flds “condition” and its future. I want everyone – and all Mormon groups to know about Bahai Faith and the Rocky Mountains. We believe the Promised Joshua “came and went” in Deer Lodge Montana. There is a building that looks like the white house in Israel and some beautiful gardens you can see on the internet. May God bless you for your patience and faith!! Brother Lightcap – Auburn, WA. 12 principles of the New JerUSAlem!! 🙂 Baha’u’llah – the Glory of God 1817 -1892. This year is the 200 year anniversary observed Oct. 21,22 (Sat and Sun.) Allah’u’abha! (God is Most-Glorious, agreeing in the Heavenly City!!! Yours in Service, -ZL *£*


    Thy heart is My home, sanctify it for My descent. Thy Spirit is my place of Revelation, cleanse it for my Manifestation.

    ( FROM THE HIDDEN WORDS OF BAHA’U’LLAH (the LORD COME IN GLORY!!! ) 🙂 Rev. 2:17, 3:12.

    There is a new calendar, too!! See ” Baha’i Calender” on line for all the feasts and Holy Days. Bless!! (Happens to be Yom Kippur today.) ZL (originally from Oregon, family from Illinois – raised as Unitarian Iniversalist movement in Portland, then baptised lads on 2009 after seeing Bahai Center in Israel -Mt. Carmel, Allah’u’abha!!! Welcome to Zion!!! -zl

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