FLDS Having A Ball!

When I stumbled upon this group of FLDS having a ball playing soccer in Colorado City, Arizona, I asked permission to take this video and the mother said yes. It does my heart good to share the evidence I find of FLDS families like this laughing, having fun, experiencing life joy! As a newcomer to the area who was keenly aware of all the negative media, I have been happily surprised by how much happiness I see. Studies show how play and laughter are essential to healthy development, so I commend the mothers here who not only are allowing their children to play, but who are playing right along with them! THOSE are incredible moms.

In fact, all the Cricker moms I have met have been full of love for their children.

The women are the best thing about this place!

FLDS Children Enjoying Life on Wheels!

Just documenting the joy as I see it. When we moved here, we were under the impression that there was never any joy for the children. In fact, it seems that children are outside playing more and more. Something wonderful is happening.

Renovating the FMJ Zoo!

The FMJ Zoo is a 12-acre parcel that was turned into a small zoo by one of the Crick’s most beloved people, “Uncle Fred Jessop.” From what I understand, Uncle Fred loved children and created the zoo to bring enjoyment to the little ones growing up here. It used to have bears, a giraffe I think, and more. At some point,Uncle Fred died and the zoo was forced to close. Today it is being renovated to once again become a place of happiness in the community.

The pond is being stocked with fish, special fishing and picnicking locations were set up, and it is being turned into a nature center. The photos below are from a special work day project sponsored by the Fern Foundation (led by Lindsay Hansen Park) where lots of outside volunteers came in to help make a difference.

FLDS Voting on Election Day

It was beautiful to see all the FLDS here exercising their right to vote.

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