The FLDS – especially the single mothers and children, have many, many needs.  First of all, if you want to help, please contact me at 435-212-1183.

Another thing you can do is buy homemade products from a Facebook Craft store that I made for them. None of the FLDS mothers that I personally know are interested in a free handout. They want to earn their own money and be independent!  Please consider buying a homemade craft item.


The money goes directly to them.

We are also seeking educational & craft supplies for a big homemade book & literacy event we are trying to put together. If you would like help with this, do reach out to me! 435-212-1183.

We have a lot more things we have been brainstorming, so if you want to see what else we are up to (child safety, kindness campaign, science kits, etc) let me know you want to help!




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